Certificate in
UX/UI Design

Learn from industry professionals with actual industry experience

Course will assist learners to obtain the

Google UX Design Professional Certificate*

*The Google UX Design Professional Certificate course is an online course which requires 7 month to complete. Our professional instructor will offer crucial tips and guidelines to help learners to obtain this professional certificate in a much shorter period of time.

Course Overview

Digital transformation has been at the forefront of many companies’ business development over the past decade.  The demand for digital transformation has drastically growing due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation where businesses are increasingly depended on digital channels as a crucial method to engage with their target customers.

At the core of the digital transformation process, user experience design (UX/UI design) is undoubtedly one of the most important aspect for developing desirable digital products or services.  On completion of this certificate course, you will acquire a wide range of skills highly demanded of a UX designer.  These skills will enable you to plan, manage and implement UX/UI Design and digital transformation project from scratch to proposal stage.

Design great digital user experience by addressing the needs of the end-user.
"The course enables new learners a comprehensive approach to UX Design, inspiring and allows learners to think of the logics and theories, not just focusing on the visual representation. This allows me to understand the importance of User Centered Design and Design Thinking for UX Design."
Florence Lee
Graphic Designer
"From UX to UI design, the project workflow and professional terminologies was explained in an easy to understand fashion. Event without former design background and trainings, I’m was able to understand the content, preparing me for my future career pathway."
Kenny Ma
Project Manager

Course Aim & Outcome

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • employ the necessary skills of a UX Designer to identify product owner’s needs/problems and uncover business opportunities
  • adopt the User-Centered Design (UCD) approach to solve end-user pain-points and drive innovative product development
  • apply the four phases of Double Diamond Design Thinking methodologies in business context
  • research, analyze and sympathize findings into actionable business proposition
  • apply the UX/UI design process to plan and design UI for website and mobile app

The course is intended for people eager to join the IT industry as the role of:

  • UX Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Face-to-Face: engage with instructor and industry professionals
  • Online Lessons: classes and Q&A sessions can be held via online streaming mode
  • Online Resources: access course content anytime via online learning platform throughout the course duration
  • Self-study: on completion of the course, learning materials are provided to learners for their permanent retention and self-practices.

On completion of this course*, learners will receive a Certificate in UX/UI Design issued by GreenTomato Academy (GTA).  As a member of the GT Group, GTA is well recognized by the industry and the knowledge and skills obtained from our courses will serve as a solid stepping stone for your career development.

*Must complete the course project and attend minimum 80% of the classes.


Mr. Marco Ho, Curriculum Developer and UX Specialist Linkedin

Marco Ho Uxpert

Proficient in managing online marketing campaigns from strategic planning to execution.  Cross-disciplinary skills in Marketing, Advertising, Design and Digital Communications.  Experienced in education and training in creative thinking, marketing management, digital marketing and design.

  • Certified Professional Google UX Designer
  • Programme Leader, Digital Marketing, HKDI/IVE
  • Deputy Programme Leader, Business with Design Management, HKDI/IVE
  • External Examiner, HD in Design (Graphic Design), Department of Design, CBCC
  • Master’s Degree, Design Strategies, Hong Kong PolyU

Student Works

Key Topics

Lesson 1: Discover Phase – Introduction to UX Design 
Lesson 2: Discover Phase – Research Planning
Lesson 3: Define Phase – Understanding User Behaviors
Lesson 4: Define Phase – Defining Project Scope
Lesson 5: Develop Phase – Concept Ideation
Lesson 6: Develop Phase – Rapid Prototyping
Lesson 7: Show and Tell

Lesson 8: Deliver Phase – High-fidelity Wireframe
Lesson 9: Deliver Phase – Interactive Prototyping
Lesson 10: Deliver Phase – Website Mockup Design
Lesson 11: Deliver Phase – Mobile App Design
Lesson 12: Deliver Phase – User Flow Design
Lesson 13: Deliver Phase – Mobile App Mockup Design
Lesson 14: Deliver Phase – Product Testing and Analysis

  1. Combine knowledge and skills from all phases into a case study portfolio.
  2. Share concepts and collect feedback from classmates, industry professionals and business owners.

Show and Tell: Final Presentation

Part 1: UX Research and Planning
  1. Understand the role of UX Designer and its essential skillset.
  2. Basic concept of Agile and SCRUM project management.
  3. Introduction to User-Centered Design and User-Experience (UX) design for digital product development.
  4. Recognize the Double Diamond design framework for business analysis.
  5. Employ the Design Thinking methodologies for creative problem solving.
  6. Conduct Stakeholder Analysis to uncover stakeholders’ needs.

Workshop: Stakeholder Analysis

  1. Conduct research planning, secondary and primary research.
  2. Perform stakeholder research to discover organization and end-user needs and pain-points.
  3. Stakeholder research with Empathy Mapping.
  4. Formulate the Competitive Analysis.
Workshop: Conduct UX plan, user interview with Empathy Map
  1. Synthesize data from Empathy Map for designing User Personas.
  2. Understand the essential elements of a Persona and its design techniques.
  3. Anticipate user scenarios to identify user goals and pain-points.
  4. Analyze collected data to formulate User Journey Map.
  5. Identify key touch-points and channels in user scenarios.

Workshop: Persona design and User Journey Mapping

  1. Summarize collected data into insights and identifying value innovation.
  2. Reframing business problem and user needs into actionable problem statement.
  3. Utilize infographic presentation skills to convey critical concepts.
Workshop: Reframing Problem Statement
  1. Idea generation with brainstorming technique including Mind-Mapping and Card Sorting/Kanban.
  2. Develop user stories, key user activities and business requirements.
  3. Create Information Architecture and logical page flows.

Workshop: User Story writing and Task Flow design

  1. Basic concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  2. Effective client communication with wireframe design.
  3. Rapid prototyping via hand sketch wireframe technique.
  4. low-fidelity prototype design.

Workshop: Hand sketch and low-fidelity wireframe design

  1. Apply the infographic and presentation skills to convey the product concept.
  2. Iteration review and share concept with classmates.
  3. Collect feedback for refining concept.
Show and Tell: Mid-term presentation
Part 2: Design and Prototyping
  1. Utilize software plugins to increase productivity.
  2. Determine user flow with high-fidelity wireframe.
  3. Develop high-fidelity wireframe prototype.
Workshop: High-fidelity wireframe design
  1. Concept of User Interface (UI) design and UI components.
  2. UI and Interaction design for website prototyping.

Workshop: Page flow design and high-fidelity wireframe interactive prototyping

  1. Establish typography and color system.
  2. Design mockup website with basic design system.

Workshop: Website mockup design

  1. Acknowledge various types of mobile app page layout.
  2. Concept of mobile app design and its structure.

Workshop: Mobile app design with high-fidelity wireframe

  1. Enhance product usability with page flow design.
  2. Annotation writing for UX documentation.

Workshop: Wireflow diagram design

Apply design guideline and design elements across the entire design artboard.

Workshop: Mobile app mockup design

  1. Prepare a Usability Test plan.
  2. Write Usability Test script.
  3. Conduct UT interviewee recruitment plan.
  4. Implement Usability Test.
  5. Analyze test results and compile UT report.

Workshop: Conduct Usability Test

Part 3: Final Presentation
  1. Combine knowledge and skills from all phases into a case study portfolio.
  2. Share concepts and collect feedback from classmates, industry professionals and business owners.

Show and Tell: Final Presentation

Learning Environment

Course Detail

Full-time (Career Centric Intensive Training)
Date:July 19 – August 18
(Every Monday & Wednesday)
Time:11:00 – 18:00 (6-hr a day)
Duration:60 hrs (10-day)
Date : Sep 15 – Dec 22 (Every Wednesday evening)
Time : 19:00-22:00 (3 hrs each class)
Duration : 45 hrs (Total 15 classes)
Fee : HK$13,980
(10% Early Bird Special HK$12,582*)
*Enroll before Aug 26
Course Code:DE4011
Course Calendar:View
Venue:GT Group
20/F., Harbourside HQ, 8 Lam Chak Street,
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.
Language:Cantonese + English supporting materials
Prerequisites:Applicants should be computer-literate with a sound working knowledge of the Windows/Mac operating system
Equipment:Bring your own laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity

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