Certificate in Business Design
Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills of a Business Designer to assess organization's business needs and uncover business opportunities.

8 Classes + 10 hands-on Workshop
(3 Hours each class)

Essential skills for Business Designer and User Experience (UX) Designer

UX/UI Design Methodology Webinar
Get to know the methodology, the relationships and differences between UX and UI design for digital product development. Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of an UX and UI designer.
UX Design with Prototyping and Usability Testing
Learn the UX design process through a series of lectures and exercises. You will learn and practice UI hand-sketch, low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframe and prototyping techniques for designing digital products such as mobile app and website.
Introduction to UX/UI Design with Adobe XD
A powerful, collaborative, easy-to-use platform that enables UX/UI designers to create stunning designs for websites and mobile apps.
Sketch for Mobile App Design
A powerful software for designing UI and UX of mobile apps and web. The software has features for prototyping and collaboration catered to the needs of UX designers and collaborative design.
Serverless iOS Mobile App Development with Google Firebase (Beginner's Course)
Learn to build an iOS mobile app from scratch to deployment through a series of workshops by using Apple Xcode and Google Firebase serverless database platform.
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Our trainers are practitioners from the tech industry equipped with a rich diversity of knowledge, experienced and have a solid portfolio in mobile app and web application development for well-known brands in banking, F&B, retailing, etc.

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User Experience (UX) 概念及技能在設計行業非常之盛行,特別係喺數碼產品開發行業(如手機應用程式或網站),時常都需要聘請懂得UX設計的人才。坊間都有好多媒體提及到「以人為本設計」User Centered Design (UCD) 同UX之重要性及初創公司如何透過UCD模式來獲得成功。到底UX這個專業係做啲咩架呢?邊度有得進修相關技能?以及UX設計到底適唔適合你?

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